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We want to take the frustration and the confusion, out of the accident. Just make one call and we will walk you through the entire process.

Older or New Car • Same Great Care, Service and expertise


Where Quality Matters

With over six decades of experience in collision repair, the folks at NICRC have seen it all.

We have watched body work go from the days of banging out dents and using bondo to modern laser mapping systems, new high strength metals and Hi-Tech features like Forward Crash Prevention Camera Assisted Driving.

NICRC has the experience to take care of your older model car, as well as the training and modern Hi-Tech equipment to repair and service the technology in newer model cars.

Older car or new car, economy or luxury car, heavy duty trucks and work vehicles, NICRC will get your vehicle fixed…right…the first time.

And one thing that all cars we work on have…our commitment to customer service. All of our team members go through multiple Customer Service training, and all of our work flow process are set up to take the stress out of a car accident.

Do you know what to do when an accident happens? Did you know that you can choose your repair company? Even if the insurance company suggests a different solution?

Don’t hesitate to call us at NICRC. If you choose us to repair your vehicle, or if you choose another solution, NICRC will answer all of your questions and assist in every way that we can to help you get through a challenging time.

Questions? 208-267-9995

We Service:

Our State of the art Paint and Drying Booth

our five step process

to assure your repair is done right…the 1st time


Not all damage is obvious. So we wash and run a computer pre-scan of every car, allowing us to see ALL damage and miss nothing. We circle and photograph all damaged areas for records (Ours and yours) and we note all system codes. This assures unseen issues can be fixed.


We carefully disassemble every car, part by part, categorizing and organizing every part – what is damaged, and what is not. This allows us to make all part orders at the same time. This reduces delays, assuring there is no waiting for parts later.


Repairs include frame straightening, dent removal, replacing parts too damaged to repair, glass repair, welding and prepping the vehicle for paint.

Final inspection
Final inspection

We work to make sure that every car leaves our shop made right. So we do a 20 point inspection on every car, after all of the work is complete, before we hand you the keys. We give you back a car that is fixed, we want it right.


We work to make sure that every car leaves our shop repaired right. So we do a 20 point inspection on every car, after all of the work is complete, before we hand you the keys. We give you back a car that is fixed and safe.

“If we have met your expectations, please tell a friend. If not, tell us,
we will make it right.”

Shane Florea, owner

Customer Service

Starting with our owners, and continuing to all of our team, we all receive customer service training. We meet every morning to update the status of every car in the shop, and we update each customer in the manner of their choice: phone call/email/text updates.

Hi-Tech Training

Crash prevention systems, driver assist systems, parking assist and camera systems – all common in newer model cars and all require H-Tech Training and modern equipment to calibrate. We have the training and the equipment to service and repair these systems.

Modern Metals

Did you know the best selling trucks on the road use only aluminium on the structure? Even the steel used in modern vehicles has evolved through the years. These modern materials require specialized training and equipment to work on…and we have you covered.

With companies like Subaru leading the way in technology, such as Lane Assist, Forward Crash Prevention, Camera Technology and ” Eyesight ” (all controlled from the a car’s windshield), NICRC is trained and ready take care of your car.

NICRC supports local businesses and individuals by sourcing tools, equipment and supplies from within our community.


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