How long Does a Collision Repair Take?

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, How long Does a Collision Repair Take?

No one is exempted from car collisions. The moment you get in the car, there’s a chance you’d find yourself in a collision. While no one would wish such to anyone, it’s a risk car owners knowingly take on a daily basis. Thankfully, driving defensively and skillfully lessens the likelihood of being in one, but you’d have to consider how other drivers act, too. Knowing what to do to keep yourself from a collision helps, but knowing what to expect after a collision is an entirely different matter. Not to mention the kinds of repairs your car needs after the collision. One of the questions that are first to come to mind would be how long collision repair takes. We’re here to tell you just that.

Collision Repair, How long would you have to wait?

The entire collision repair process could take a few days to several months. The damages on your vehicle, as well as the processing time for your insurance claim, are notable factors that could hasten or lengthen your waiting time. Usually, it would take less than two to five days to repair cars damaged in accidents. However, this isn’t always the case.

Keep in touch with your collision repair center and your car insurance provider so that you can anticipate delays, whatever causes they may have. These issues may add more to your waiting time, but there will always be a solution to them.

Having an estimate will be useful to you. It helps you determine whether or not you’d have to avail of a rental car, how long you will use public transport, and when you would finally get your car back. Repair centers usually give you a phone call, email, or text once they determine the repairs necessary for your car. 

Factors that affect Collision Repair time

Lots of factors should be put into consideration. For instance, your car could not be the only car that is being serviced. The full extent of the damages would also determine how long it takes to repair your car. Acquiring the parts your car needs for repairs would take even more time if your car is a foreign import. These are situational factors, therefore making the estimated time of repair completion fluid as a snake.

Extent of Damage

Minor damages would usually take a day or two. Installing a new windshield and bumper repair or replacement generally takes one day. Minor Body Work could take one to two days while replacing internal parts of your car could take one to two weeks. If you somehow manage to find yourself in a situation that gave extensive damage to your car, it may take over a month to complete all repairs.

Capabilities of the Collision Repair center

The influx of clients a center works for affects the timeline set for each client’s car repair. Also, in the middle of repairs, a mechanic could discover additional repairs that have to be addressed, lengthening the timeframe for your repairs. 

Equipment and the kind of team working in the repair center also affect repair time. If the center has state-of-the-art equipment manned by professional and well-trained mechanics, then expect a shorter wait time.

Kind of Car, foreign Imports

The type of car you own can is a factor to consider when it comes to collision repairs. If it’s a Nissan or a Honda, getting replacement parts won’t be difficult. But, If a certain car brand needs foreign imports when it comes to car parts, then it will take considerably more time to repair it. Extensive damage requires more parts to repair and replace. Acquiring these parts overseas would make you include the time it takes to search for the parts you need as well as waiting for the shipment to arrive. Then and only then would repair centers be able to begin conducting repairs on your vehicle.

Insurance Claims Process

One of the biggest factors that affect the timely delivery of a collision repair center is the failure to get paperwork for insurance claims done in a timely manner. If your car insurance provider fails to pay, the center could keep your car as collateral up until everything gets settled.

Collision repair is a lengthy process that involves even more processes. These could take longer or shorter than expected, depending on the situation you find yourself in. It is therefore important to have an estimate that helps you know what to expect and prepare for the unexpected, too. Until then, you will have time to make the necessary adjustments to not having your vehicle with you. If you choose to work with North Idaho Collision Repair Center, the time you spend waiting for your car will be worth it. You’ll drive home with a safe, factory condition car— like the collision didn’t happen at all!

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