It’s no secret… Collisions can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s body.

Our auto body repair technicians at North Idaho Collision Repair Center have the expertise to repair both older and new vehicles. We service all makes and models ranging from economy to luxury to get drivers back on the road. Collisions can severely damage the frame, windshield, roof, doors, windows, fenders, and other parts of the body. In these situations, our skilled technicians will restore your vehicle’s body back to its original condition.

Even minor collisions can cause issues that aren’t immediately visible. These can affect your frame, drivetrain, wheels, and more. North Idaho Collision Repair Center’s professionals see beyond the cosmetic damage and assess the full scale of damage. We carefully wash the vehicle and run a computer pre-scan. This practice allows our team to survey any unseen issues. Our technicians also take photographs for both your records and our own and we note all system codes.

After disassembling the vehicle, we categorize each part and check for damage. Our team determines which parts need repair and which need replacements. Then, we order any replacement parts straight from the manufacturer.

With our years in the auto body repair industry, we have seen it all. We have also learned ways to fix it all. Our trained technicians can bend the metal back into shape. They can repair the vehicle’s exterior using the latest paintless dent repair techniques. From frame straightening to replacing destroyed parts, we take care of all necessary repairs.

Once we finish repairs, we repaint your vehicle using our state of the art paint and drying booth. Our Italian-made paint booth boasts a quality-driven downdraft design with the latest technology. This allows us to repaint your vehicle quickly and beautifully. Afterward, we run a 20-point inspection of your vehicle to return it in pristine condition.

At North Idaho Collision Repair Center, we have more than six decades of experience in the Auto Body Industry. Along with our current industry certifications, our technicians are committed to ongoing learning and training. As car manufacturers continue to innovate, so will we. Our team will continue our pursuit of industry certifications. Our shop is ASE Certified and we are currently completing our I-CAR Gold Class training.

If you’re concerned with auto insurance, do not worry. You can choose to work with any collision repair shop you want, regardless of what your auto insurance suggests. We work closely with insurance companies and may even be the recommended solution by your auto insurance. If by chance your auto insurance suggests another, remember that the choice is yours. We strive to foster relationships with auto insurers, but above that, we work for the car owner. We work for you.