Accidents happen. While we hope you never get in an accident, we hope your bumper is there to protect you.

That’s what they’re there for. The purpose of bumpers is to absorb the impact of a collision and protect the rest of the vehicle as much as possible. As a result, bumpers are usually the first part of the vehicle to get hit in an accident. However, it doesn’t take too large of an impact to dent or crack bumpers. You don’t even have to hit another car… Even slowly backing up into a pole can leave a sizable dent. To protect your vehicle in future collisions, it’s important to get your bumper repaired immediately.

At North Idaho Collision Repair Center, we have vast experience repairing every type of bumper. Our team can fix a variety of issues, including:


Dings and dents in your bumper are very common after a collision. Let our team smooth out any dings and dents in your bumper.


Many older vehicles and commercial vehicles still use metal bumpers, usually with chrome plating. We can repair your metal bumper, save your chrome, and get you back on the road.


Sometimes a collision won’t just dent your bumper, it will poke a hole through it. Our expert auto technicians can fill the holes.


Sometimes after a collision, paint from the other vehicle or object will stick to your bumper. Our auto paint technicians can remove the paint to make your bumper look good as new.


If the bumper was damaged, the paint on the bumper is definitely going to be damaged as well. Once we’ve repaired the cracks, dents, scratches, and other damage, we will match your paint color and repaint your bumper in our state-of-the-art painting and drying booth.


When your bumper becomes twisted, torn, or destroyed without a possibility of repairing it, we must replace it. Our team will order a replacement bumper from the manufacturer and install it for you.

Our skilled team has gained more than six decades of experience at the highest levels of the Auto Body Industry. Along with our current industry certifications, we are committed to ongoing learning. As auto manufacturers continue to innovate, we will continue our pursuit of knowledge. industry certifications and high-level training on the latest best practices. We are an ASE Certified shop and currently completing our I-CAR Gold Class training.

Did you know you can choose your auto body repair center, even if your insurance suggests a different collision center? We work closely with insurance companies and your auto insurance may recommend us for repairs. If by chance your auto insurance suggests another, remember that the choice is yours. We work hard to maintain our relationships with auto insurers, but above that, we work for the car owner. We work for you.

Our team at North Idaho Collision Repair Center is committed to taking the frustration and confusion out of the accident. We’ll be there every step of the way through getting your vehicle fixed and will answer any questions you have. We want to be a resource for you. Call us at (208) 267-9995 to schedule an appointment.