Dings and dents are inevitable in a collision. Some people choose not to repair their dents after a collision as long as the car still runs fine, often citing the cost of cosmetic repairs. But just because your car received a dent or two in a collision, doesn’t mean your bank account will as well.

Our highly skilled auto repair technicians at North Idaho Collision Center have seen nearly every type of ding and dent possible. We use the latest training, technology, and tools to repair dents of all sizes and restore vehicles to their original condition.

Here are the types of dent repair we provide:


You might be surprised to find out that some dents often do not require repainting. Dents from lightly backing into a pole, tapping a bumper, or even hail can be fixed with paintless dent repair. Oftentimes, we can repair a dent in your vehicle in less than an hour without damaging the paint on your vehicle. You should only trust trained professionals for paintless dent repair because it can wreak havoc on your paint if not done well.


Some situations don’t qualify for paintless dent repair, like when metal is stretched or the dent is too deep. Our auto repair specialists can still fix your dents in your vehicle using the traditional methods. Our team will carefully remove panels to reach the dent and pull it out. We may also sand the area and buff it to smooth that panel out. Afterward, we’ll color-match your vehicle’s paint and repaint the area in our state-of-the-art painting and drying booth.

After we finish fixing your dent, our auto repair technicians will conduct a 20-point inspection to ensure we are returning your vehicle in great condition.

Our skilled team at North Idaho Collision Repair Center holds over six decades of experience in the auto body industry. Along the way, we’ve earned industry certifications and incredible knowledge. In addition to our current industry certifications, we strive to learn and train in the latest best practices. As cars and trucks evolve, we will continue our pursuit of industry certifications and training. We are an ASE Certified shop and currently completing our I-CAR Gold Class training.

Your insurance company will suggest a collision repair shop, but the choice is yours on which shop to use. We work closely with insurance companies and your auto insurance may recommend us. If by chance your auto insurance suggests another, remember that the choice is yours. We work hard to maintain our relationships with auto insurers, but above that, we work for the car owner. We work for you.

Our team at North Idaho Collision Repair Center is committed to taking the frustration and confusion out of the accident. We’ll be there every step of the way through getting your vehicle fixed and will answer any questions you have. We want to be a resource for you. Call us at (208) 267-9995 to schedule an appointment.