Insurance Steering

Insurance Steering It’s Your Choice Where Your Vehicle is Repaired When you’ve been in a car accident, one of the first things you’ll do is make a call to your insurance company. After giving an account of the details, your insurance company will often offer a list of approved auto body and repair shops in […]


BUMPER REPAIR Dent Accidents happen. While we hope you never get in an accident, we hope your bumper is there to protect you. That’s what they’re there for. The purpose of bumpers is to absorb the impact of a collision and protect the rest of the vehicle as much as possible. As a result, bumpers […]


DENT REPAIR AUTO BODY REPAIR YOU CAN TRUST Dings and dents are inevitable in a collision. Some people choose not to repair their dents after a collision as long as the car still runs fine, often citing the cost of cosmetic repairs. But just because your car received a dent or two in a collision, […]


PAINT REPAIR Paint matching Make your vehicle look fresh from the factory. During car accidents, paint can get damaged very quickly. Someone merely slamming their car door into your vehicle in the parking lot can damage your paint. So it’s no surprise that a collision can be disastrous for your vehicle’s paint. You don’t have […]


COLLISION REPAIR AUTO Collision REPAIR You didn’t choose to have an accident. But you can choose your collision repair shop. Trust the experts at North Idaho Collision Repair Center to get your car back on the road quickly after an accident. Our team offers a variety of collision repair services, making us your one-stop-shop for […]


WINDSHIELD REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT Cracked or chipped windshield Windshields can be a terrifying part of your vehicle to have damaged. Your windshield protects you from dust, bugs, rocks, and wind and is important to the structural integrity and strength of your vehicle. Repairing your windshield should be done immediately. If left unfixed, a small chip […]

OEM Parts

OEM PARTS WHY OEM PARTS MATTER Shane Florea from North Idaho Collision Repair Center in Bonners Ferry answering your questions about aftermarket parts. “I hear a lot about OEM parts, what is that?” OEM parts means “Original Manufactured Parts” which are made by the manufacturer of your particular vehicle. Honda has Honda parts, Toyota has […]

Auto Body Repair

AUTO BODY REPAIR AUTO BODY REPAIR YOU CAN TRUST It’s no secret… Collisions can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s body. Our auto body repair technicians at North Idaho Collision Repair Center have the expertise to repair both older and new vehicles. We service all makes and models ranging from economy to luxury to get drivers […]