, Our Story

Our Story

NICRC has been 30 years in making

“If we have met your expectations, please tell a friend. If not, tell me, I will make it right.”

Shane Florea, Owner


Where Quality Matters

By 2022 every new car will have Forward Crash Prevention. Lane Assist, Rear Cameras, Side and Front Cameras, Park Assist, Turn Assist…and now even Drive Assist. If your car or truck does not already have some of these Hi-Tech features, any newer model you purchase will!

Modern cars and trucks are using more and more aluminum to replace steel (Did you know that since 2016 the best selling truck on the road uses only aluminum on the structure – no more steel?). The reality is that when it comes to auto body work and collision repair, the days of beating on metal and throwing bondo on it are gone.

NICRC will be trained and equipped to handle all this new technology and full structural work – this is just some of what sets NICRC apart as your solution for auto body work and collision repair. 

We pride ourselves on fast Cycle Times:

    • From the time the vehicle comes into the shop, to the disassembling, repair, reassemble, paint, and finishing touches
    • 1 Supplement – 1 Estimate
    • Our approach, our process are focused on getting it right the first time, with no delays.
      • Our two tiered system, that double checks every step of the process, helps us eliminate delays and return cars on time as promised.

Customer Service

We start with the culture in our shop – we can only offer a great customer experience unless we first create the same culture within our shop.

  • All of our employees, including our owners, go through two Customer Service training courses.
  • Pick us or not, we are going to give you the best service experience possible.
  • We meet every morning and review the status of every vehicle in our shop.
  • You should never wonder about the status of your car – we will keep you informed.
  • How do you want to stay updated? You tell us!
    • Email – daily!
    • Text
    • Phone
  • If you do have questions, and you call, the person who answers the phone will be able to tell you the status of your vehicle.

We have two customers, the car owner and the insurance company. But we only know one way to approach both relationships…Honestly and fairly.

We will never put you, the car owner, at odds with the Insurance company. And we will work professionally with every Insurance company.

The Right Tools

NICRC has the most modern Paint Shop you will find. We have installed a brand new state of the art Blowtherm paint and drying booth. The Downshaft design makes your paint jobs clean and drying quick – helping get your car back on the road. Blowtherm also prides themselves on providing an Environmentally Friendly solution.

We also value precision…well beyond what our own eyes can manage. NICRC uses the Chief Velocity Laser measuring system to make sure your car is straight and back to exact factory specifications.

Oh…so you got a rig…a big ol’ longbed dually. Well, we have the big ol’ beast rack to put your rig on. NICRC has a Kansas Jack Magna Rack to hoist up just about any truck so we can get to work on it.


Our “Keys to Keys” Commitment

Drop your car off (the first “Keys”)

  • You call the insurance company (Remember, YOU can choose your shop).
  • You tell us how you would like to be updated (daily/weekly)
  • We will now communicate with the insurance company
  • We will keep you updated

  • We will tell you when your car is ready
  • We give you back your keys (the 2nd keys) on time, as scheduled.
  • We WORK hard to, and it is our goal to, to avoid remove surprises.
  • We will even set up the car rental for you.

Pick up your car (the second “Keys”)


About Owner: Shane Florea

Shane Florea moved to Boundary County in 1965. Shane is the youngest of 5. After attending Bonners Ferry High School, Shane went to work in the Oil Fields.

He eventually ended up in Denver, CO and in 1982 began working in the Auto Body Industry. Earning his stripes prepping cars for paint and body work, mainly Chevrolets and Toyotas to start, he graduated to working on luxury brands including Jaguar/Lexus/Mercedes/BMW/Audi/Porsche. 

Shane then spent decades doing every aspect of auto body and collision repair, including learning how to run a business that values customer service and quality of work to the same degree of excellence.

After moving back to Boundary County in 2017, Shane discovered that many cars needing collision and repair work had to be sent out of town. So with his experience in the industry, and love for Boundary County and its residents, Shane decided to assemble a great team and open North Idaho Collision Repair Center.

“I wanted to come home to this beautify county, and NICRC has given me the opportunity to come home to a better life. So we now offer a business built on honesty, integrity and doing the right thing. I know two ways to live, I choose this way and this place.” – Shane

NICRC, and Shane, now bring over the six decades of experience in the auto body industry, at the highest levels, to serve you.

We want to take the sting, and the confusion, out of the accident. Just make one call and we will walk you through the entire process.


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